New: Nicosub gel
with tobacco extract

Delivers a solution when you prefer
not to smoke or where smoking is
prohibited. Ideal for long flight journeys,
meetings or in restaurants.

Apply Nicosub onto your wrists and rub
the gel in. Nicosub dries quickly,
leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

Nicosub comes packed in easy-to-use

Nicosub gel is for external use only.


On the plane, in the office, on the train or even during a long meeting: for all these situations you can easily use 1 dose of Nicosub gel, by simply rubbing it on your palms as a hand cream. Absorbs quickly and gives a fresh feeling on the skin.


Welcome to Gelz. Developers of innovative gels. Nicosub is the successful sequel to the previously released Nicogel. Nicosub has an improved formula with a higher concentration of tobacco extract for a better effect.


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